Feeling of pain, loneliness, sadness…
Even until today I still could not think clearly.

I need to go to solitude for time being to recover from the damage.

Last I am saying sorry to those I hurt unintentionally.
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Urg.. Last night was my worst day of dota playing for the past 8yrs.
NVM the Detail:

In Dota The Hero are group into 3 Groups on forum as for me 4.
They are Tanker, Ganker and Carrier one more is Healer.

Tanker: usually have High HP and/or with Disable like Stun. Usually at level 6 you should have at least 1k HP with Item. Their damage usually just average (without item)
Role: First to go in Last to come out. Some use it to Intercept Creep.
Hero: Centaur, Pit Lord, Skeleton King... Usually Str.
Example: 2 group of hero engage each other, Tanker Usually go in first to Stun, slow or Immoblise them, If they are losing Tanker will be the Last to Leave, trying to delay them why party member fall back.
Sometime some tanker will Intercept the creep while 2 group is engaging the Tanker will intercept the creep from infront to prevent the creep to give support to opp. party. This usually the case when there is 2 tankers.

Ganker: They have skill to disable usually 2. Their usually dun have high health.
Hero: Witch Doctor, Silencer even Drow, if silence is use at the right time.
Role: To disable opp. party. Silence, stun, slow after tanker engage...
Example Centaur blink in Stun, WD will follow to stun or Drow will silence.

Carrier: Usually they have high damage out put and skill to boost damage but other then that nothing else. They have low health and dun have powerful disable or even none.
Hero: Bone, Brood Mother, lanaya, Veno, Lina, Zeus...
Role: Will pick up/kill all enemy hero before the disable end. Must be able to kill in 2~3 sec.
Example: After Centaur Stun Carrier will follow to kill 1~2 within the 3 sec stun.

Healer: Is what I call a buffer, They usually had the abilities to heal or buff allies.
Hero: Omni Knight, Chen, Lich, Orge Magi...
Role Last to in Last to out maybe.
Bascially to heal or buff people in combat.

Some Hero had dual or more group.
SA, Drow for Example is a Ganker/Carrier.
Most Tanker Centaur, Tide Hunter are Tanker/Ganker.
Some Tanker like Axe, LOA are Tanker/Carrier.
There very few or no Pure Tanker/Ganker most of time depend on Item.
But There are a few hero is pure Carrier.
Like Bone, BH, BM. They dun have real disable skill. If they engage . in a gang fight they will be the first to die without doing anything due to disable.
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Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot TX5

If you had a waterproof camera, what are the top five things you would want to photograph? Let your imagination run wild.

1> Film Singing in the Rain under a real Rain.
2> Aurora Shot in the South Pole is a picture I dream to take and own, with the with Sony Famous Paranoia Shot. It will be the best.
3> If 2012 really come I guess we need a good water proof Camera to take note of the moment. To Save History for Mankind
4> Shot a Snow Leopard under the Snow in Sun Set time Time. Must be beautiful.
5> A Close Shot of Salmon Swimming up stream to lay their Egg.

It not Just ME!


"Pastor Yeow Sun Ho on June 20, 2010 at 11:01 pm
Firstly, we are not jealous. Is there a need to spend this month? 28K per month, better to do some charity right? Now see what the CHC members going to protect her again. I hope the Catholic Christians here give a fair say here."

Even a Pastor comment.
I believe he should be a real Pastor as he left his full name down to be track.
Well True of not time will tell, God will guide.

"random7788665 on June 20, 2010 at 11:09 pm
you have been misled by some “preachers” who claim to be “pastors”.
these are the false prophets that are mentioned in the bible.
i suggest all christians always go back to the book of the bible. and not take other’s teachings as the whole truth.

B.I.B.L.E (basic. instructions. before. leaving. earth).
Remember that acronym."

Look all the feedback most actually come from Christian.
The above one I Like :p

PS: All comment post here are from the Yahoo News.
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I am Sorry.

Was reading This early in the morning.
Sorry to mention that live in the pent house in my last post.
They had upgrade to a mension with 3 indiviual structures.... 2 car garages...
Wtf... Even the police cannot find any prove about them misuse the fund I also dun believe....

The Best part is they still have devoted followers...

Maybe it just me I dun really like CH.
In the past 10 years I was invited to the chruch 3 times by 3 different friends to this place.
I could never find the peace I get from the chruch service I had in my School.
Point 1: They sell hard. They are like selling membership card. Insist me to join their church keep remind me about the 10% income thingy....Best part is they keep coming one by one, like those sell hard function club member I had, untill I so annoy I left that stupid place.
Point 2: So some random reason all of them can speak Tongue, according to bible it the langauge of the angel. It a rare gift. it so rare that all CH memeber have it.
Point 3: They never care. For the whole session I did not feel any warmth, the after service was even colder they only concetrate about asking me to join them.
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